Party Animals !

R2,150.00 R1,650.00

Animal theme events for kids

I offer a 1-hour interactive educational experience in a combination of a classroom and interactive style about the origin of animals and how to care for them followed by a 30 minutes photo opportunity (no extra charge). The animals are tame and are handled and held.

Prices start from R1650  – 2150 depending on the number of guests at the event and the travelling time.


Meet Duwayne and his well loved animals that he will introduce to you at the Show.

Owner run business, Duwayne and his children present Fun and Interactive Educational Animal Shows with Snakes, Tarantulas, Chinchillas, Rabbits, Tenrec, and an Ackie Monitor.

Perfect entertainment for kids, and any other Parties, Social Gatherings or Team Building Events !

Book your own show on the Contact page, the form below,
or call Duwayne on 08 44 44 74 74.

Interactive Educational Animal Shows at Events

I currently run a standard 45-minute interactive animal talk and 30-minute photo/animal handling opportunity or a 1 hour Farmyard touching and feeding interaction at a promotional price of R1650 including travel within a 25km radius (Normal price is R2150 excluding traveling)

Standard selection of animals I bring are (you can indicate the ones you are interested in):
Bearded dragon or ackie monitor
Blue-tongue skink
Stick Insect
Dumbo or hairless rats
Rabbits or teddy bear hamsters
Leopard Gecko
Curly Hair or Choco golden knee tarantula
Variety of snakes (corn snake, Taiwanese rat snake, sand boa, reticulated python, grey rat snake)
Including snake skins, meal worms, roaches and spider moltings to enhance the learning

Small sheep
Small Goat
Chicken / Rooster

Other entertainment options:
Photo Opportunity and Filming
Charity and church events
Special requests for birds and other reptiles if available

Additional Charge apply for the:
Crocodile (R250)
5 metre burmese python (R150)
Iguana (R150)
3 meter Albino Redtail Boa (R150)
Travel outside of a 50 km total travel distance

School Functions

I offer a 45 minute interactive educational Reptile, Nocturnal Animal talk and 30 minute photo opportunity or now also a 1 hour Farmyard / Petting zoo touching and feeding interaction.

R1650 for up to 50 kids, R1850 for up to 100 kids, R2050 for up to 150 kids, R2250 for up to 200 kids the cost includes travel within a 25km radius. R15 for every additional 5 kms.

R2850 for two show on 1 day for 200 kids (2 x 100), R3550 for two show on 1 day for 300 kids (2 x 150). Includes travel within a 25km radius. R15 for every additional 5 kms.

Party Planning

We offer party planning services to source face painters, jumping castles, ponies, photographers, birthday and themed cakes as well as party packs

Petting Zoo / Farmyard

I now also offer a 1 hour farmyard touching and feeding interaction for R1650 including traveling within a 25km radius

Small sheep
Small Goat
Chicken / Rooster

Also included are other animals found on farms:
Bearded Dragon

Pet sitting, adoptions and advice

I offer pet sitting as well as offering a good home to loved pets and adoption services. We also offer re-homing advice and can also assist with cage setups / starter kits.

Dove Release

Dove release services available for every occasion. Popular at weddings


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